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Iconic. Trusted. the little blue book has been making physicians' and healthcare professionals' lives easier - every day - where it matters most: at the point of care.

the little blue book

the little blue book

The most efficient and effective targeting tool to each physicians, the little blue book can be targeted to the exact physician populations you want to reach, eliminating audience "waste." It's no wonder the little blue book has been on media buyers' plans for more than 24 years.

There's nothing small about the size of the opportunity that the little blue book offers to advertisers. the little blue book is the trusted place to launch a brand or drive incremental prescriptions for a more mature brand. It is a unique way to target the select the prescribing physician audience that makes sense for your brand - and, ultimately, their patients. the little blue book is an efficient, indispensable resource that facilitates clinical communication, shared education, and patient care.

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