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Prices will revert back to our standard retail price after midnight on September 1st. Order now and SAVE up to 32% off per book!

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The 2016-2017 editions of the little blue book are NOW SHIPPING! From now until September 1st, save up to 32% off per book with FREE shipping! After midnight (EST) on September 1st, prices will revert back to full retail pricing, place your order today!

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Updated Physician Contacts

Each year 500,000+ physicians update their phone numbers and addresses for publication in the little blue book. Stay on top of changes in your local metro area. Order the 2016-2017 edition today!

Save Up to 32% Off with Free Shipping!

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For more than 25 years, the little blue book has been the #1 practice referral reference.

We've recently made more than 557,000 updates to local medical information for the 2016-2017 edition so that your practice can make accurate physician referrals and quickly contact health plans, hospitals, and pharmacies:

  • Doctors are listed both by Specialty and Alphabetically.
  • Doctors' alphabetical listings include: degree, specialty, NPI, primary office location, phone number and health plan acceptance.
  • Other Allied Practitioners, such as NPs, PAs, and Diabetes Nurse Educators are also listed.
  • 77,187 new and updated phone numbers!
  • 169,417 new and updated locations!
  • 43,716 new and updated fax numbers in the little yellow book!
  • Order now and save up to 32% with free shipping!

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